What do you believe in? Or what would you like to believe in?

Dear all,
Hope you are having a good week. Before I start I would like to apologise to those who wrote in with the correct answer the week before last and I didn't mention them. the reality was we had a problem with the Internet and I hadn't received them before I wrote last week's piece. So, without further ado, congratulations to Catherine, "S", Hector and Juan Carlos - and yes it was that easy!
I have checked and rechecked the emails replying to last week's puzzle and I haven't found any that gave the answer.

Do you exist?

Dear all,

How is your week going? I hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

Do you exist? If so, how do you know you do? I suppose if you don't how do you know is just as valid a question. It is a question that has been asked and answers attempted by many a philosopher.

My Name is Piers

Dear all,
How are you?
As this week there are a few new recipents of this mail I thought I would introduce myself a little. Please bear with me those of you who are already familiar with my ramblings.
My name is Piers and my job was a plowman in the 14th century, hence my name - Piers Plowman. I lived in Malvern Hills, between Worcestershire and Herefordshire in England. William Langland wrote my story as I guided him to find Truth.