Piers Letters

Rating people?

Dear all,

Hope your week has got off to a good start.

The invasion of internet seems to seep into even our offline lives. All the different apps that are available help us to know which restaurant to eat in, which hotel to stay in, which product to buy, and now, maybe, which person to be friends with.

Expressing emotions

Dear all,

Today is sunny and peoples' faces and general outlook seem to reflect the joy of seeing the sun and feeling it's gentle heat. Smiles and greetings all around. How should these emotions be expressed in the written form?

Cave people started a form of written communication, but as far as I know, they didn't include emotions in their paintings. Then the written word where great writers were not only able to express their emotions but also help us to enter into their world and make us feel the same.

What do you believe in? Or what would you like to believe in?

Dear all,
Hope you are having a good week. Before I start I would like to apologise to those who wrote in with the correct answer the week before last and I didn't mention them. the reality was we had a problem with the Internet and I hadn't received them before I wrote last week's piece. So, without further ado, congratulations to Catherine, "S", Hector and Juan Carlos - and yes it was that easy!
I have checked and rechecked the emails replying to last week's puzzle and I haven't found any that gave the answer.