Before  deciding on one of the options provided below, we recommend an advisory session (free of charge) with one of our Language Course Specialists which includes an interview, evaluation and recommendation. This can be done at the institute or the location of your choice.

Programmes on offer:

Private lessons, intensive courses,  Off-site / In-Company Groups, Tailor made programmes, Preparation for international exams (Toefl, G-Mat, First Certificate, Proficiency, BEC) International Management, Banking and Finance, Business Law, Business Grammar and others.

Group Courses

We recommend our group courses to those in need of the dynamics of a group-oriented class. The maximum number of students per group is 6. Classes are taken on fixed days and times. The objective is to complete a level  within a four-month period while benefiting from group rates.

Private Courses

Our private courses offer the flexibility of lesson programming for those in need of a course that can adapt to their schedules. In addition, the content of the course can be adapted to our students’ specific final goal. The minimum number of recommended lessons is twice a week, 1 ½ hours per day. The frequency from there on can be augmented depending on the student’s course level and objectives versus time limit. The more lessons taken per week, the quicker the progress. Classes may be rescheduled up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson to avoid missing/losing lessons.